Last week, I saw this post called love thursday: how i found what i love on, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I found myself thinking a lot about what I love, what defines me and what is important to me.

Today, I made a list of things that make me happy.
Some of these things are (in no particular order): my camera, books, travel, my children, family, friends, freshly mowed lawns, wooden floors, farmers’ markets, reading, exploring new places, hugs, volunteering, theater, flowers, vegetables fresh from the garden, love stories, pets, airports, baking, meandering walks, thunderstorms, Oklahoma’s sky, long talks that go into the wee hours, shooting stars, vacations, weekend get-aways.

Then, I wrote down everything I could think of that I love to do. Some of those things are (again, these are in no particular order): photography, singing in the car when driving, playing the piano, writing, swimming, traveling, cooking for my family, reading, playing games with my kids, encouraging, motivating, learning, volunteering, helping others, being mentored by those I admire and trust, baking, hugging, teaching/training/mentoring others.

And some things I want to do: scuba diving, travel throughout Europe and Australia, possibly Asia, Africa, and South America, explore the US and Canada (places I’ve not seen yet).

I put all of these things into broad categories that I believe describe who I am, what I want and how I want to live my life.

I love to create: music, photography, food, writing.
I love to give: teach, mentor, encourage, lead, volunteer, help others.
I love to learn: travel, read, garden, listen, accept mentoring from others.

Thinking back over the years, I can see that the best, happiest, most productive times of my life have been when I’ve had a balance of all three of these things.

This was originally posted on August 30, 2009.
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