I’m thinking that a pair of insanely awesome caped socks would be the perfect antidote to any super evil soul sucking enemy or for any old day that needs a little burst of sunshine.

I mean, if you have on cool socks, everything is better, right?

What are caped socks, you say?

Only the best thing I’ve seen in ages! When my youngest daughter and I were in a nail shop recently, I saw an ad for these in the back of a magazine.  I took this (blurry) photo of the ad with my phone so I wouldn’t forget about it:

caped socks

You can purchase these awesome socks at the 80’s Tees dot com website. And did you notice? Superman and Batman caped socks are available too!

PS.  I’m not being compensated for this post in any way – I just thought the socks were cute and wanted to share.