03.16-18.09 014

When I mentioned to my dad tonight that I’m planning to buy a lawn mower this weekend, he asked what kind I was looking for.

I said I was buying a plain mower that just mows grass, that’s all. I don’t need anything fancy or super pricey.

He said I should try to get a mower with a Honda engine in it – they’ve proven to be more reliable for him than others over the years. He told me some pretty amazing stories about Honda engines that had been sitting unused for many years and started after one or two tries.

I hope I remember that conversation – it has probably saved me a lot of frustration in the years to come and I will want to thank him for that.

PS. I realize that the photo above has nothing to do with mowing, Honda engines or with grass. I just wanted to add a pretty picture since I didn’t have a “green” photo to share today.