0ctober 2011 119

Happy Birthday, Oklahoma!  On this date in 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state in the United States of America.

I’ve never lived any place where the wind blows like the wind through central Oklahoma. I grew up in SE Oklahoma and had no idea how the wind blows in the rest of the state until I moved to the Oklahoma City area when I was in college. That song lyric from Oklahoma the musical, about the wind sweepin’ through the plain, has it right. It certainly does sweep through and takes your breath right with it! Oklahoma’s blue sky, though, is the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen and makes the crazy wind worth dealing with for the beautiful blue we get to see.  Plus, we get to experience rain, wind, tornadoes and earthquakes with a day or two of each other.  Where else can you get that?

Today’s Q & A

Q: What are you obsessed with right now?

A: Two things:

  1. Finishing my Christmas shopping.  I have just a few more gifts and I’ll be done.  I’m so looking forward to a relaxed December with no crazed last minute running through the stores.  It’s going to be the best holiday season!
  2. Designing Women. I love that TV series and was delighted to see that reruns are on each morning on the TV Guide channel (I think that’s the one). I’ve set my DVR to record it. Now I can see Julia Sugarbaker stand up for what she believes in anytime I want.  She is awesome!