My youngest daughter loves giraffes.  LOVES them.  They are one of her favorite animals.  So, when we got to the zoo we set out to find the giraffes.  She was thrilled to see them.  I think they’re a bit like big gawky teenagers who’ve grown so fast that their coordination hasn’t quite caught up yet.

0ctober 2011 026

When we rounded the corner and saw that we could feed the giraffes at the feeding station and that it was FEEDING TIME (YAY!!!), she was thrilled. Thrilled doesn’t seem like a big enough word, actually.

She met Ellie, a female giraffe who’s very curious about zoo visitors and who really likes romaine lettuce.
0ctober 2011 040

Ellie looks like she’s speaking to her: Hello! I’m Ellie and I live at the zoo. Can I come home with you?
0ctober 2011 044

What? You don’t have room for me at your house? I’m too tall? Fine then. Hmmmph.
0ctober 2011 041

Ooh! A camera! Friends again! YAY!
0ctober 2011 054

This is Bogy, a very friendly and visitor curious male giraffe. He also loves romaine lettuce.
0ctober 2011 094

Where’s the lettuce, little girl?
0ctober 2011 069

Lettuce here?
No… darn. Only a shirt.
0ctober 2011 084

We had a wonderful time with the giraffes. The staff working with them were patient and very friendly. They helped us capture these fun moments and I’m so thankful. These photos will take us right back to that really great morning each time we look at them.