Mom and I were able to get tickets to Ford’s Theater for a performance called One Destiny. It was performed by two actors and was the story of April 14, 1865 from the perspective of several different people in the theater. It was a wonderful show.

Sitting there, looking at the box seats where President Lincoln and his wife sat that last night, was absolutely amazing.

Afterward, we went with some friends to dinner and then went over to see the Lincoln Memorial.


I had seen the memorial from the double-decker tour bus ride we’d taken the day before so I wasn’t expecting to have such a big reaction when this came into my view.


I was literally stopped in my tracks when I saw the statue. I fell a little behind the others as I stopped to take photos, and also to have a few minutes to digest what I was seeing and feeling. The hushed voices and quiet respect as we neared the inside of the memorial and the looks on the faces around me as they too gazed on the statue and read words from some of his speeches carved into the walls showed that I wasn’t the only one feeling a little overwhelmed. The way the light illuminated him in the chair and the way he seemed to glow and look so kindly down on all of us was truly astounding. It’s an awe-inspiring monument.

My words are so inadequate when I think of how it felt to stand there and look up at him sitting there.


I still get tears in my eyes and feel choked up when I think of it or look at the photos. In fact, I have tears now as I think of how it felt to see the memorial that honors such a great president and leader.