Yesterday (Sunday), my youngest daughter and I got up early and drove 3 hours to diabetes camp. We got there around 9:45am, went through the registration process, saw several of her friends along the way (lots of squealing and hugging), got her stuff into her cabin and met her counselor and big sis (more squealing and hugging), got her bunk bed set up then I was off. She’ll be there for three weeks. My hope is that as she is remembering good habits that were left by the wayside as the year passed, making new friends, and connecting with friends from past summers, she is also playing hard with her whole heart and getting all from it that she can.

Diabetes camp has made a huge impact on her life. She’s gone since the summer after she was diagnosed. Knowing that other kids go through the same struggles she faces, hanging out with other kids who also have to prick their fingers all the time, knowing that each of those kids must count every gram of carbohydrates that pass their lips and inject themselves with insulin just as she does is so good for her on a deep soul level. I’m thankful that camps like this exist. It’s truly been a wonderful experience for our family and I know it has been for countless others, as well.