My maternal grandfather was born on 03 July 1910, so if he were still alive Al Roker could say happy 100th birthday and show his pic on a jam jar.

Happy birthday, Grandad!

Are there certain smells and tastes that seem to transport you back in time? One taste that I associate with growing up in SE Oklahoma, with memories of my maternal grandparents and with summer is the taste of blackberry cobbler. When I smell or taste it, the memories that come flooding back are so vivid. It amazes me each time.

I’m time traveling tonight. Blackberry cobbler for dessert. Made with blackberries grown in Oklahoma and brought to the farmers market for me to purchase.

Update: the smell of ripe blackberries and the taste of them bursting in my mouth (before they were cobbler) was just as I thought it would be- a wonderful time machine.