1. I walked out of the performance inside the Civic Center Music Hall a few nights ago to discover a Shakespeare in the Park performance on the lawn right in front of the music hall. I love living in a place that has live theater.
2. The sweet sound of siblings laughing together.
3. Whispered stories between brother and sister.
4. Everyone in the family home relaxing together on a Sunday evening.
5. Day lillies stretching toward the sunlight.
6. Turning off the function that sends work emails automatically to my phone as soon as they hit my inbox.
7. Bags of ice from the 7-11 a few blocks down.
8. Watching a movie with my daughters, then having both of them fall asleep before it’s over.
9. The joy a small bag of Silly Bands brings to my returned camper.
10. Vacation days from work.
11. How sandwiches for dinner means the kitchen stays cool.
12. Fresh fruit and veggies from the local Farmers Market.
13. Counting down the days until a much anticipated movie premier with my kids. And with my sister (and her daughters). And with a good friend (and her sister). We always have a blast at movie premiers together.
14. The way time collapses when certain friends come back into my life – whether after a really long time or a short time – and it seems that no time has passed at all, we don’t skip a beat, just pick up where we left off.
15. Having so many things that make me happy that it would be cumbersome to put them all in one blog post.