So… apparently, I fell off the planet when I dropped off my youngest daughter at diabetes camp, huh?

I’ve been kinda busy. We had a week-long family reunion that spanned two places (OKC and Broken Bow), I’ve ripped up carpet and have volunteered at a performance by a Beetles tribute band, Rain. We visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, partied at the Red Earth Festival and mom left for a 3 week trip to Europe. I’m volunteering at another show (concessions) on Thursday night, picking up daughter Friday morning, volunteering at an American Diabetes Association event on Saturday morning, volunteering at the same show (ushering this time) Saturday night. In the midst of this, I’m going to visit with my youngest and edit photos that I took at the family reunion for the book of family photos I’m compiling to have published for everyone. Soon, I’ll be traveling south for a whirlwind visit with my little sister and her beautiful family AND…my baby nephew who will be making an appearance any day now.

I’ve got so many great photos to share, but am too busy living my filled-to-the-brim life to post them at the moment, so that’s on the back burner for now. I’m not going to add anything else to my list right now.

Happy Summer to you! See you soon.