Yesterday, Dobby was making a lot of noise in his cage. His tweeting and chirping sounded like he was fussing about something. When I asked my daughter what was wrong with him, she said, “I told him his feet were ugly and he got an attitude with me.”

I giggled about that all day. 🙂

When I took this photo of Dobby, he wasn’t happy with my camera pointing at him and invading his privacy. He wouldn’t come down close to me, so the perch/stick thing is in front of him.

And oh my goodness, I need to repaint my living room. The previous owner loved to sponge paint the walls, evidently. Almost every room is painted like that. Different colors, same technique. I’ve not taken time to repaint. Seeing this photo reminds me that I need to pick a color and get to work on painting this house. Soon!