In April, a group of children with type I diabetes were invited by Bret Michaels and the American Diabetes Association (Central Oklahoma chapter) to meet Bret Michaels in Ardmore, OK before a performance. My youngest daughter was one of those children with type I diabetes.

Prior to meeting Bret Michaels, we met a couple of people from the Celebrity Apprentice crew (producers, I think) and then Bret’s head of security. All the parents signed Celebrity Apprentice waivers (film releases) before our children could meet him, since it was being filmed. A segment with the kids may be on the season finale, which is on as I’m typing this.

I was very happy that they let me play paparazzi mom and take a bazillion photos that afternoon.

Bret talked with the kids for quite a while then signed autographs and took photos with each of them. Bret’s crew was super-nice to the kids and parents. It was a really fun afternoon.

Many thanks Bret and the ADA!
Bret, we hope you’re the new Celebrity Apprentice!

PS. If you want to see all of my photos from that afternoon, leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you a link to the album on the Walgreens website.

UPDATE: In the small clip they played of Bret with the kids in Ardmore, all we could see of my daughter was her yellow shirt behind Bret on the left side of the screen.