I’ve been feeling a lot of stress in my professional life lately. That’s actually the only area of my life that has any turmoil right now. My children are doing well and my life outside of work is happy and peaceful. I’ve gotten over strep throat and a sinus infection that I believe was ultimately the result of extreme stress that caused a weaker immune system. Only an irritating cough and scratchy voice remain as a reminder of the fun I had with the fever and antibiotics.

I’ve decided to focus on things I can control, things that make me happy, things that create balance in my life. I’ll be working through the things that do not bring joy or peace to my life and weeding them out systematically. This may bring big changes to my life. On the other hand, small changes that I make could bring about positive changes in my current environment. Only time will tell as I seek to create harmony between all the areas of my life.