As my children have gotten older, I’ve taught them to get themselves up for the day and to get themselves ready by the time they needed to be wherever they’re going.  I didn’t want to always have to remember what time they wanted to get up and to help them with that, so I have always made sure that they have working alarm clocks.

For some reason, my 14 yr old son who is a Freshman this year, cannot seem to work his alarm clock this month.  He either forgets to set it, says he cannot hear it, or tries to blame others that he’s not up on time.  The newest complaint is that one of us must be turning off his alarm before he can hear it and get up.

Yeah.  Whatever.

We just had “alarm clock 101” again this morning – a refresher course about how to set the alarm clock, make sure it’s set for morning and not night, set the cell phone alarm as a back-up, etc.

We’ll see how tomorrow morning goes for him.  As much as he’d like me to, I’m not taking on the responsibility of waking up a 14 yr old, 6 ft 2 inches tall kid.  Or any kid over 8 for that matter.  🙂