Once upon a time, Natalie had a 16 yr old daughter.  One day, Natalie taught her to drive a 5-speed car.  16 yr old daughter did a great job for her first time driving with a clutch and shifting gears manually.  16 yr old daughter thought she was awful at driving the car and was very upset when they arrived back home.  She vowed to never drive that car again and said she will only drive cars with automatic transmissions.

Natalie tried over and over again to reassure her daughter, to tell her that everyone makes mistakes when learning to drive a car with standard transmission, that everyone has a hard time learning to shift gears, to ease off the clutch when giving the car gas, and even told stories that were shared by FaceBook friends of their 5-speed mishaps.   16 yr old daughter, in a grand show of stubbornness, would have none of it.

Natalie beat her head against the wall until she had a horrid headache, wondering how anyone could possibly be as perfectionistic and stubborn as she herself has always been.

The end.