Turns out, it wasn’t that little plastic piece that needed to be replaced to make my washing machine spin.  The motor transmission needs to be rebuilt.  And possibly new brake shoes are needed as well.

Who knew that washers had parts that sound like car parts?

Probably a lot of you knew, but I did not.  Until yesterday afternoon.

The best part is that the cost is well below what it would cost to buy a new washing machine.  I’ll have it home tonight if everything goes as planned.  The repairman and his repairman son took it home yesterday afternoon.  They’re not even charging extra for fixing it on a weekend.   Great guys, yes?  I agree.  They’re very kind.  My parents have known their family for a long time from church and I’m glad to have their number programmed into my phone.  🙂

UPDATE:  My washer is back and is good to go for another 9 years.


This afternoon I went to the laundry mat that’s nearest to my house and got most of my laundry done in an hour.  That alone makes up for the hassle it is to lug the clothes out to the car, remember to get the detergent after driving a block, lug the baskets of dirty laundry into the laundry mat, and change bills into a bazillion quarters.   An added bonus is that I was able to sit and read for almost an hour with no interruptions.