or maybe the true culprits are my computer and my lack of patience.

A few minutes ago, I had this whole post filled with photos, a slideshow and great descriptions.  Now it’s gone.  Poof!

Now I’m settling and posting a condensed version.  Hey!  Maybe I have a career ahead of me with Reader’s Digest!  Look how condensed this post is.  I cooked all the water out of it!

(Yeah.  I know.  It’s time for me to go to bed.  I’m delirious from fatigue, evidently.)

Click here for the slideshow I made on photobucket with photos I took of Sophie dancing. The fastest setting is still much slower than I envision the slideshow. My vision is much more like a flipbook than an actual slideshow, I suppose. My camera can take up to 13 photos per second in the sports setting. Neat, huh?

I didn’t realize that the lighting in my kitchen is so yellow until just now.   Hmmm… must rethink taking photos in kitchen with no flash.