The kids and I saw Twilight yesterday.  We’re going to see it again today with my good friend, C.  She’s seen the movie twice already.  Actually, I’ve mentioned before that she and my oldest daughter are who introduced me to the Stephenie Meyer books.

I enjoyed the movie.  A lot. The important parts of the book remained although a few elements were added to move the storyline along.  While I’d love to see a movie made exactly as the book is written, I know that’s not really practical.

My kids each have their own favorite character.

B, my 15 yr old daughter, has a huge crush on Jacob Black:

Book two, New Moon, is her favorite because of how his character develops and plays a big role in the storyline.

J, 13 yr old son, liked James best.  J. has liked this actor in other movies and wants to figure out an exercise routine that will give him a stomach like his.

J, 12 yr old daughter, has put her tent right in the middle of Camp Edward.  She was not interested at all in reading the books until now.

Me?  The Edward in my head is MUCH cuter than the movie version, but the movie grew on me as I watched.  About halfway through I started thinking that the characters looked right.  A few times I thought the angle of the camera made Edward’s head look too big for his body – like a Bratz doll – and of course, no human actor one could move with as much grace as Edward and the Cullens did in the book.  That’s not a drawback in any way, but was noticeable.

I’m looking forward to seeing it again this afternoon and many more times in the future.  🙂

C, these are for you!