Last spring, hail damaged the roof of my house.

It took a while to get the insurance adjuster contacted and a check issued.  After that, it took a while to get an estimate and a roofing company to do the work.  When the estimate was done, the guy forgot his ladder, so he drove his truck into my yard, climbed onto the roof from the bed of his truck and measured the roof.

As he was leaving, a gift was left behind… tire tracks.  I’m so proud of my brown grass and flower beds.  Wouldn’t you be?

This past week, a crew was lined up to come put on the new roof.

Shingles were selected and delivered to my house.

Flat vents were selected (instead of turbine vents).

Shingles were scraped, pulled, removed.

Roofing felt was laid down and secured.

New shingles were lined up and hammered down.

My new roof is beautiful!


I know you cannot see much detail.  It’s a vast improvement over the previous shingles that were on my roof.  Not sure why the house looked yellow in the morning light when I took the photo.  It’s white.

Natalie’s To-do list:

Roof – done.

Yard/flowerbeds – pending.