I almost missed posting today.  Since I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, that would have been a bad thing to have done.

I spent today reading twilight, well, between taking the recycling, going out to my parents’ house to borrow their truck for a bit, taking a load of non-recyclable stuff to be compacted, cooking dinner, cleaning up a bit, and laughing with my sister about the text-to-landline message her daughter sent me with a quote from Madagascar 2 today.

I completely enjoyed the book.  Seems that I must have really needed the mental break.  I feel more focused, refreshed, and ready to get things done.  It’s amazing how a little vacation (in my head) can do that.

Also, I now understand my friend’s obsession with sparkly Edward.  🙂

The quote from Madagascar 2? “Girl, you huge!  Girl, you chunky!”

Imagine my surprise to answer the phone to hear a computerized voice telling me I have a message and then hearing those words.  After the initial shock, it was HILARIOUS!