When we were in Branson, the kids and I browsed around in a lot of antique stores and flea markets.  The kids have acquired a love for the search, as I have.

One afternoon, we were walking through a flea market that had a little radio tuned to a local radio station and hidden on a top shelf down one of the aisles.  As 15 yr daughter walked by, a voice said, “HELLO DARLIN’, nice to see you.”  She jumped a mile high and was looking around to see if her brother was playing a joke on her before she realized it was part of a song.  I cannot tell you when we’ve laughed so hard.

Here, for your viewing and listening pleasure is Conway Twitty singing/saying those famous words:

I hope this doesn’t start playing automatically when my page opens.  I generally do not like when things on blogs/websites start playing without giving me a choice in the matter.  If the embedded video does this, please accept my apologies.