I made Boston Cream Pie this week.  Once yesterday for work and again today for my family.  The recipe I found is at the Kraft Foods website.   I didn’t get a good picture of it (didn’t last long enough after I got it out of the fridge) but it looked just like the photo on the Kraft Foods page!

Since it’s one of my parents’ favorite desserts, I took some out to their house tonight and we ate some when watching the debate.  Well, I watched half the debate at their house and the remaining half at my house (love DVR,  so I don’t miss anything).

The kids want to make Boston Cream Pie again this weekend.  I think I’m tired of making it, but it’s easy enough for them to make on their own without making too big of a mess.  When you have three kids and Papa cleaning their plate and looking for more, you know the recipe is a keeper.   🙂

Food Units
breakfast- blt, coffee 8
chicken sandwich 8
ham/cheese calzone, a new recipe 6
boston cream pie, another new recipe. my kids said, “it’s a hit!” 3
veggies with low fat ranch dip 3
dr pepper 3
Total: 31

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