Lost: 2 pounds.  Progress!   Baby steps, I keep reminding myself.  Baby steps!

Found: a great new Twitter tool for a blog food journal by Roni of Roni’s Weigh.

Go to Roni’s Tweet, Eat, Post Generator, see how to format your tweets.  At the end of the day, get the code to add your daily food journal to your blog.  Very cool, right? And very simple, thanks to Roni’s hard work!

Lately, I’ve been bored with writing in a paper journal.  I constantly have my cell phone and tweet a lot.  This seems to be the answer!  Thanks, Roni!  🙂

Yes, I know this means I am a geek, the fact that I enjoy tweeting, my excitement over a tool that creates a table/journal for my blog so I can torture all of you with lists of what I eat each day.  I am ok with this.

Here’s my (not very healthy) food journal for today:

Food Units
*morning* coffee with cocoa 2
*noon* blt with curly fries 13
dr pepper 3
*evening* chick fil-a sandwich and waffle fries 15
Total: 33

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I also drank a ton of water, but didn’t tweet it.