So many thoughts are running around in my head, fighting for the chance to be committed to paper or screen.  I haven’t had the energy or made the time to actually get them out.  I’ve been taking notes in a little notebook in my cryptic style.  Maybe I’ll be able to figure out what the notes mean when the time comes to use them.

A lot has happened lately. Things I don’t feel comfortable writing about here.  Things that are good for me, but also are very challenging and a little scary.  Those things have been occupying a lot of space in my mind to the point of overpowering any creativity or ideas that were lingering.

I’m still posting on twitter and will be blogging more soon.  It’s often easier to come up with 140 characters or less than an entire blog post.  Also, I can post to twitter from my cell phone, which is nice because our home computer is occupied a lot these days by three people aged 15, 13 and 12.