Mom is home from her three week trip to Europe.  Her plane landed last night.  She and Dad got home in the wee hours this morning. I’m so glad she’s home and cannot wait to hear about her adventures and see the photos.  She slept most of the day today and is usually jet-lagged for a couple of days when she gets home from these trips.

She sent me a text message about my new job when she was overseas but it didn’t come through (I got the job the same day she left so I left her a voicemail message that she was able to check when she was in Greece, I think) but I didn’t get to tell her about it myself until today.

It’s funny how three weeks of not talking to or seeing Mom seems like an eternity. I really missed her and am glad she’s home. I like to see how she and Dad miss each other and how happy they are to be back together again. They’re so cute.