Today I’ll be driving 13 year old son to church camp. It’s the very camp my sisters and I went to when we were kids, Mountain Fork Christian Camp at Beaver’s Bend State Park. It’s a 4 hour drive each way to camp, so we’ve got a long day ahead.

I’m amazed each year to see people that I saw at camp when I was a kid. I live in a city where I did not grow up and I rarely see people that I know when I’m out and about.  To see people that have known me since I was a small child is a novelty and is very different that my typical everyday experience.

I’ll be double checking son’s bags in a few minutes, to make sure he’s packed towels, washcloths and underwear. He’s very excited about the coming week and I hope he has a wonderful time with friends from previous years and new friends he’ll meet this year.