Mom is leaving tomorrow to spend 24 days in Europe. She will be visiting Greece, Italy, Austria and Germany.

In Greece, she will visit Athens, Santorini, and Isthmia. In Italy, Bari, Salerno, Rome, Perugia, Pescia, and Sandrigo-Vicenza. In Austria, she will see Friesach and Radstadt and the visit will end in Munchen, Germany.

I don’t know how to make those 2 little dots above the “u” in Munchen, or even what they’re called. I feel sort of bad about that.

I’m so excited that she’s able to travel like this. While I will miss her a lot, I cannot wait to hear all about her trip and look at photos and the treasures she will find after she gets home and used to Central Standard time again.

Safe travels, Mom! I love you. 🙂