Thirteen things:

1. Thursday night (05 June 2008) is the first night I get to volunteer at the Civic Center for a performance.

2. The show I’ll be volunteering for is “Spamalot.”

3. I don’t know much about the show, but am hoping it will be good.

4. J. needs a new viola because she has gotten much taller this past year.

5. The size of viola a musician needs is based on the length of their arms. I don’t think it’s based on anything other than that.

6. At the beginning of last school year, I was not told that J. would likely need a different viola each year until she stops growing.

7. This weekend, we’ll be getting a different viola for J.

8. Smokey (our Chihuahua) weighs almost 10 pounds. He’s looking a little chunky lately. I think he’s been eating Sophie’s food when we’re not looking.

9. Now that J’s carbohydrate to insulin ratio has changed, we’ll be looking up carbohydrate counts of foods again until we get used to the new ratio.

10. I’m reading another book by Orson Scott Card, but I cannot remember the title at the moment.

11. I wonder why I have had 2 wisdom teeth come in over the past couple of years when they never showed up on x-rays before. Have I just now gained wisdom that others had at age 18? 🙂

12. When I heard on the radio today that Rick Springfield will be performing locally on June 14, I immediately thought of Dori and Val from More Hip than Hippie. They LOVE Rick Springfield.

13. Sometimes a milkshake is perfect for dinner. Like today, for example.

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