According to 13 yr old son that’s my new title: Worst Mom in the World.

How can you earn this prestigious title for yourself (it comes with a tiara, a sash and everything) ?

1. Force your 13 year old son to eat dinner with the family 4 or 5 times each week.

2. Insist that 13 year old son comes home from his friends’ house early enough to get home work done and a shower each night. Oh, and make sure son sleeps with sheets on his bed, rather than on a bare mattress.

3. Have a set bed time for 13 year old son and stick to it.

4. Care about 13 year old son, his friends, how he’s doing in school, what type of television and movies he watches, which internet sites he visits, and which video games he plays.  Get to know the parents of the kids son hangs out with, know their phone numbers and speak with them often.

These four things, evidently, are the exact recipe for becoming the worst mom ever.

I will proudly wear my title and tiara during my reign.