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1. What is the most recent movie you’ve watched with someone? Sweeney Todd

2. What is currently your favorite TV show? Last Restaurant Standing (on BBC America)

3. What CD by a new artist that is worth a listen? I have no idea.

4. Have you bought a CD recently by an “old favorite” artist, is yes what? I have not.  I buy tracks on iTunes.

5. Who is your current favorite female actor? The only female actors I can think of are on Disney Channel (what’s usually on at my house these days, sadly)

6.Who is your current favorite male actor? Johnny Depp.  Always.

7. Do you pay attention to “actors born on your birthday”?  No.

8. Who is your favorite artist left on American Idol? My favorite got voted off.

9. Who will win American Idol? Probably David Cook (or is it spelled Cooke?  I cannot remember).