I hope not!

The following conversation could have been overheard near my desk on Friday afternoon:

coworker: Natalie, the back of your hair would make a perfect wig. I was just sitting here thinking that I would wear a wig made from your hair.

me: Ummm… ok. Thanks, I think. (looking bewildered, I’m sure, as I have no poker face)

coworker: No, really, the way it waves and curls would be perfect. It’s really pretty.

me: Thanks. No one has ever said that my hair would make a good wig before. Who’d have thought?

A little scary, huh? Do you think I should be on the lookout for wigmakers, scalpers or scissor-armed coworkers? ha!

Here’s the wig hair after a day at the farmers market, natural foods store, Build-a-Bear and mowing:

I don’t get it. . .