Youngest daughter and I went to see Annie, the musical, last weekend at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City. We really enjoyed it.

Since cameras are not allowed during performances in the Civic Center, I did not get any photos. I did, however, find loads of photos and a screensaver to download of the national tour at the Annie On Tour website.

I thought the actor who played Annie did a great job. We also liked Sandy and Miss Hannigan, as well as Daddy Warbucks and Miss Farrell and the girls at the orphanage. You know, we thought everyone did a great job, so I won’t continue listing characters.

Youngest daughter has been a fan of musicals since she was a wee one. She has known the songs from Annie since she was 4 or 5 years old and thoroughly enjoyed humming along today. Since she is playing viola this year in the middle school orchestra, she listened to the orchestra differently than she would have before. She mentioned different instruments and how the music enhanced the performance. She has taken a beginning acting class at a local university and talked about costumes, stage sets and performances, also. It was fun to talk with her about what she saw and to see it through her eyes.