I’ve not posted a single photo since Valentine’s Day. Oh the horror!

Photos have been taken. Yes, indeed, they have. A bit of uploading slacking has been going on around here.

February 15: All these blood sugar meters are in my house somewhere (with the exception of two that are at the middle school – one in youngest daughter’s locker and one in the counselor’s office). Only two can be found. I think the rest are in the black hole under youngest daughter’s bed.

February 16: Carmen, please call Jamall (At least, I think that’s his name). He wrote his phone number on this dollar for you.

February 17: The railing and lattice on the front of my house has oak leaves with acorns. It reminds me of the big oak trees we had in our yard when I was growing up. I don’t have big trees at my house now.

February 18: This wooden fan is in my bedroom. Mom brought it back from a three week trip to China that she took a couple of summers ago.

February 19: I love this wreath, but have no idea how to clean it.

February 20: My shadowbox.

February 21: My 12 year old son, who is quite a bit taller than me these days.

February 22: I love the irony of the sign above these two little guys. It cracks me up!