I write about a variety of things, as is shown by these recent searches that brought visitors to my blog.

fake fingernails for kids – My youngest daughter loves to wear fake fingernails. The press-on kind, the glue-on kind, but not ever the salon-acrylic kind. She buys them with her allowance, glues them on, decides they’re too long, clips them, files them, then takes them off. All in the span of about two hours. Each time the same thing happens.

thoughts on inventions – Many times I wish I’d have invented something I thought about once and then forgot. I later sometimes see these things on store shelves, like Wal-Mart and Target. Usually in the one-dollar extravaganza section! (kidding)

Oprah’s birthday – It’s January 29, 1954. I know this because a couple of years ago, my oldest child was upset with me (because I insisted that she clean her room) and said she thought Oprah was a better mother to her than I was. She said that on January 28. The day before Oprah’s birthday. How’s that for irony?

countdown ticker for blog for moving to a new home – I have had various countdown tickers on my blog over the time I’ve had it. I don’t have any active countdown tickers at this time, though.

3D – Finally a reason for this search to turn up my blog! My daughters saw the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 3D movie a couple of weeks ago. They LOVED it!

Jonathan Waitman – This is the guy who I saw on one of the morning shows talking about how fat produces estrogen. My doctor (at the time) argued with me and said this was not true. She is no longer my doctor.

ebook “post secret” – I’ve not seen Post Secret as an ebook. I know you can purchase several volumes of the Post Secret books, though. Check your local bookstore or one of the internet bookstores. Shouldn’t be hard to find the books. I check the website each week to see the newest batch of postcards. Do you?

Harry Potter tattoo – I’ve considered getting a tattoo, but have not ever found something that I’d want to have on my flesh for the rest of my days. It’s such a permanent thing. I guess that’s the point, huh? I did have a temporary tattoo for the seventh Harry Potter book release party. I put it on my hand.

fish memory span – Sometimes I think I have the memory span of a goldfish. If I didn’t keep a running list of things I need to get done, I’m sure I’d accomplish nothing.

June 20 in 1933 weather forecast – My grandparents were married on New Year’s Eve in 1933. But that was not in June and I have no idea what the weather was like on that date.

fat produces estrogen – Yes, it does. Just like Jonathan Waitman said (see above).

Grinch Name – My Grinch name is Moodygrump Fussyfinger. Look at this post to find your Grinch name.

“find yourself saying” idioms – I often find myself saying things as a parent that I never would have imagined I’d say.