Sometimes, I like to see which posts bring people to my blog… besides my charm and mad writing skills, of course. 🙂

As youngest daughter was straightening my hair (don’t ask) tonight, I looked up all of the searches in the search engines listed on eXTReMe Tracking to see where my blog entries fell in the retrieved lists. It’s a bit odd to see my blog and it’s posts come up in search engines, but sort of thrilling at the same time.

Here are some of the recent searches that brought readers to my blog:

1. pirates drama lessons (#5 Google)

2. blockbuster changes (#4 Yahoo)

3. eucalyptus spearmint hand wash (#12 Google)

4. countdown tickers (#17 Google)

5. buckley’s cough commercial (#3 Google)

6. grinch names (#1 Google)

7. how to cash in pop can tabs (#7 Google)

8. soda can tops for chemo (#2 Google)

9. what language best fits you (#5 Google)

10. who banned blubber judy blume (bottom of page 4 – Google)

11. Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi (#1 Google)

12. bloody mary monster (#3 Google)

13. fake fingernails for children (#3 Google)

14. dragon fire gum (#8 Google)

15. 3D (cannot find – AOL search – I don’t know how anyone found my blog with this search – I’ve never posted about anything relating to 3D. )

16. Ender’s game online games ( page 7 – Google)

17. homeschool clean (#6 Google)

18. Oprah’s birthday (#3 Google)