Last week, I had a hangnail that hurt a lot. I had read somewhere about soaking a small cut in hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection, pain, etc., so I tried it. I soaked that fingertip (left ring finger) in hydrogen peroxide for quite a while. I used a shot glass that oldest DD had brought home from Dave & Buster’s after a visit with her dad & stepmom a couple of years ago. That little shotglass is the perfect size for things like that. And what else am I going to use that thing for besides taking medicine (also the perfect size for a little swallow of juice or water). I probably soaked my fingertip for 90 minutes all together,, 15 minute at a time, over 2 days.

It’s all better now. No more hangnail. No more pain. No problem.

Yesterday I noticed something really funny. That fingernail is whiter than the rest of my fingernails. Even now, a week later, it is completely white.

You heard it here first. Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap (and easy) way to get a (fake) french manicure. Who knew? 50 cents for a look that lasts at least a week.
Just soak your nails for a while and viola!

It reminds me of Madge the Palmolive lady. “You’re soaking in it!”

In case you’re not familiar with Madge and the Palmolive commercial, look here. Scroll down a bit. It’s on the left side.