When did the way I learned things in school become the “old-fashioned” way? I think it happened a few years ago, when the kids were in elementary school (I’m not talking about that tragic event right now), but I was reminded of it tonight. Again.

Son was working on math homework and asked for help. They’re working on word problems about sales tax and discounts. Well, I know how to figure out a discount. And I know how to do percentages and sales tax, but not like he had to show in his work. I wound up showing him the way I do it as a way to check his work.

I mean, just because I don’t work out a little formula with X over 257 and 70 over 100 and then multiply and divide it in mysterious ways doesn’t mean I cannot figure out what the price of a $257.00 jacket is after a 30% discount.


(well, $179.90 if you want it to the penny).