Do you make resolutions or set goals for yourself or your family each year as the year begins? Do you keep them throughout the year? What are your goals for this year?

I like to make two or three resolutions each year. Not a huge list, because I know I will get overwhelmed and not do any of it – the perfectionist in me, I guess.

This year, I plan to take a photo of the kids each month for my new calendar at work. It is one of those photo calendars that has a border decorated for each month and a spot to put your 4×6 photo on it. I always have photos of the kids, but not photos that are specifically taken with each month’s holiday/celebration in mind. For the January photo, we’ll each hold a big number cut out of poster board – 2 0 0 8 – and wear silly hats. I have the posterboard, but not the silly hats or streamers. Those are on my list for this weekend. I think it will be fun to do that each month. The kids will probably think it’s dorky, but they’ll go along with it to humor me.

Another goal also has to do with a calendar. Julie found a website called Motivated Moms. They have a calendar that you can purchase/download/print that has FlyLady-ish things on each day of the calendar. I like doing the Flylady stuff, I just get overwhelmed with all the emails each day. I think this calendar might work well for me because I like marking things off a list as I complete them, so I’m going to try it for January and see how it works out. If I like it, I will continue to use it all year long.

My last goal has to do with Weight Watchers. My goal is to be at 50 weekly meetings this year.

What about your goals for the year?

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