I did this last year or maybe the year before. Or maybe I just read about it and thought it was neat… I cannot find the post where I did this, so that’s probably the case. Anyway, I cannot remember at the moment where I saw this idea.

The general idea: go through the past year and post the first sentence of your first blog post for each month. Viola! The year in review!

I’m going to make additional notes on a few of the months (noted with **), but not for every month. If you’d like more information about the first sentence from each month’s post, feel free to browse my blog archive. It’s located in the right sidebar – very easy to find for you and less work for me!

Happy New Year!!

I went to see the production of “On Golden Pond” this afternoon at the Civic Center.

**Youngest DD was diagnosed with type I diabetes in December 2006, so most of 2007 was spent learning and helping her gain and keep control of her blood sugar levels.

On the forum that I help moderate, I recently changed my name.

A month or so ago, I became a member at Paperback Swap dot Com.

**Youngest DD began using an insulin pump on the 15th of March.

I just added two new links on my sidebar:
MS Mom’s Money and Blunt Money.

**April 2 – DS’s 12th birthday!
**April 12, Smokey’s first birthday (before he came to live with us).

I only need 2 more referrals to sign up for a FREE WOWIO account (to download eBooks) and I’ll get the free iPod shuffle.

**May 19 – Youngest DD’s 11th birthday!
**Smokey became part of our family.

Today is the day of the JDRF walk!

**Youngest DD went to diabetes camp for 3 weeks.
**I got a new car.

Last week, I bought some Crystal Light Classic Orange Sunrise flavor.

**Kids to church camp – had a chance to visit with family and friends in SE Oklahoma.
**Our family vacation was in Branson, MO. It was a week filled with fun!
**On July 26, I had a hysterectomy.
**July 29 – Oldest DD’s 14th birthday!

I went to the doctor today & saw the nurse practitioner.

**Oldest DD started high school and is in the marching band. DS and youngest DD went to middle school.

The kids and I are up early this morning… we’ve been out looking for meteors.

It’s Banned Books Week #26.

**I got my passport this month!

We got back to Oklahoma on Sunday afternoon.

**From Halloween through the first few days of November was our trip to Canada.
**Youngest DD out of school for a week blood sugar levels out of control – ketones in the urine- honeymoon phase of type I diabetes is over.
**11-19-07 Megan.

Merry Christmas from Smokey!

**Ice storms, no electricity, kids out of school for a week.
**December 25 – Dobby’s 3rd birthday.

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