Last weekend an ice storm moved into Oklahoma. On Sunday night we lost our electricity. On Monday night, we went to Mom and Dad’s house to sleep. I have gas heat but it needs electricity to move the heat through our home. We have no place to hook up a gas heater. I’m so thankful Dad had a generator and that they have a wood stove.

Thankfully, Chrissie had a gas heater that put out some heat and she & her husband were able to get a generator and use that to heat and light their home.

This morning, our electricity came back on. We were at church and our next door neighbor called my cell phone to let me know. I’m glad I had it turned to “silent.” 🙂 I’d have been embarrassed if “Deck the Halls” had started blaring out of my purse!

6 1/2 days. No electricity. No damage to my home. No frozen water pipes (thanks to Dad’s propane heater that we set up during the two coldest nights).

It’s amazing to realize how dependent on electricity we are.

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