I called the diabetes educator on call at 4:45pm. The new educator called back at 5:15. In my opinion, 30 minutes is way too long for a return call from a pager dedicated only to diabetes emergencies. Every other educator (I’ve spoken to quite a few this week) has called back in less than 5 minutes. Every time. No exceptions. Until this one.

So we spoke, I had DD11 do a correction bolus and continue her basal rate at 120% for 2 hours. I called the diabetes educator on call back at 7:15, as that was 2 hours from the last time we talked. No return call. I paged her again at 8:00pm. She called back at 9:06pm saying that she’d been trying to call since 7:20 and that my line was busy. That’s bull. It was not busy. If I’d had a life or death emergency, 2 hours could have been the turning point. As it was, DD11’s numbers were getting better. Blood sugar is going down. Ketones are still moderate (not so good).

The diabetes educator on call asked me to call her back at 11pm. I will call her, but I’m pissy about her right now. I’m sure she could hear it in my voice when I told her that my line was NOT busy, no one had been on the phone, and no, no one had the phone off the hook. Come on! Why would my phone be off the hook if I’d just paged an emergency number? Good grief. I’d not have been so angry if she’d just said, you know what? I’m sorry, I dropped the ball, had another diabetes emergency, something. But to act like she’d been calling for 2 hours straight really pushed me over.

When she finally called, she went on & on in a fake high pitched voice (not her normal voice) about how she was so very worried because she’d been trying to call for so long. Whatever. I’m not happy with her.

Tomorrow I’m calling the head diabetes educator about this girl.

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