When I weighed in on Saturday morning at WW, I was down 5.8 pounds from last Sunday when I started eating the WW way. Yay me! I was so excited. Still am, actually. 🙂


Today, a coworker said, “You know, if you drink too much water, it can cause confusion.”


I guess the body can have problems if we drink too much water, but I think it would have to be measured amounts of multiple gallons.


Today, I called an insurance company where representatives generally give their first and last names. It’s not a dinky insurance company where everyone goes by the name Sue Blue. Anyway, the guy who answered told me his name is South Central Miro.

I cannot begin to imagine what his parents were thinking.


Bon Jovi will be in Oklahoma City on April 15! YIPPEE!


Monday, 29 October 2007
Food Pts
3/34 c honey nut cheerios w/ milk & banana 2
coffee mixed with cocoa 4
ham sandwich w/ mustard 2
cheese stick, chips (ruffles light), grape tomatoes 3
progresso soup 0
now and later candy 2
peach 1
cheese stick 2
1/2 c rice 3
stir fry w/ chicken and shrimp 6
tortilla chips w/ salsa 1
Totals 30
Daily Activity Log

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