Today I was starving all day long. I had pains in my stomach for what seemed like most of the day and felt like a bottomless pit was inside me.

All. Day. Long.

Oh well, maybe that means I was burning off some fat!

I’m really looking forward to signing up with WW on Saturday, having my official weigh-in and attending a meeting.

Thursday, 25 October 2007
Food DU
2 slices bread 2
1 tbsp peanut butter 2
1 tbsp jelly 1
coffee mixed with cocoa 2
1/2 cup coffee mixed with cocoa 1
cake with icing (1/3 slice) 3
cheese stick 2
grape tomatoes 0
red beans & rice 6
salad with dressing 1
cheese stick 2
red beans (no rice) 3
1/2 serving spaghetti w/ sauce 4
Totals 29
Daily Activity Log

coming soon…

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