I’m happy to report that my scale showed a loss of 5 pounds this morning.
That’s 5 pounds I’ll not ever see again.. good bye! 🙂

Wednesday, 24 October 2007
Food Pts.
B-2 slice of bread 2
B-1 tbsp peanut butter 2
B-1 tbsp jelly 1
S-coffee mixed with cocoa 2
S-grape tomatoes 0
S-1 slice of cheese 2
L-spaghetti squash 0
L-salad with dressing 1
L-2 meatballs 4
L-1/2 cup pasta sauce 1
S-94% FF popcorn 1
D-Red Beans and Rice (6 pts per serving) 8
S-tortilla chips with Salsa 3
Totals 27
Daily Activity Log

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