Youngest DD told me this afternoon that one of her loose teeth has split in half. She can wiggle the left side and the right side. It’s a molar. Ick.

I told her I’d call the dentist tomorrow to see if I could switch her 6 month appointment with her brother’s 6 month appointment, which I thought was tomorrow afternoon. When I looked at my calendar, though, it’s youngest DD who has the appointment tomorrow. Great timing, huh? I’ll call the dentist tomorrow to make sure they have time to pull it if she’s not found a way to get it out by 4pm (appointment time).

DD is thinking about eating a Starburst candy to try to lose the tooth. We always have Starburst in the house because 4 of them have 15 quick carbohydrates – which is needed if youngest DD has low blood sugar.

A year or so ago, DD had a loose tooth and lost it in a Milk Dud candy, but we don’t have any of those in the house right now.

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