DD11 went to diabetes camp for 3 weeks in June. Then we went to Branson for a week. I posted about it, so you may remember.

Last week, I drove DD13 and DS12 to church camp in the town where I grew up, which is 4 1/2 hours from where we live. DD13’s cabin won first place in the Bible Bowl. DS12 won 3rd place in the free throw tournament. They had a great time, made loads of friends & didn’t want their week to end.

Today is the first day of DD11’s church camp week. She went last year, but I was worried this year since she’ll have to figure out the carbohydrate to insulin ratio without someone in my family, the school nurse, or diabetes camp people around.

I called the director of her camp a few weeks ago & then spoke with the nurse who will be at the camp this week. When I saw them today, it was nice to know that they were prepared to help DD11 through the week.

The best thing was that when DD11 met her counselors, she saw that one of them also wears an insulin pump – it’s the same model and color as hers. DD11 was thrilled! I thanked the director and the nurse for setting that up for DD11 and I have not worried anymore. There’s one other counselor who also has type I diabetes, but I’m not sure if she wears an insulin pump. It’d be pretty neat if she does also.

DD11 is in the same cabin as niece9. They’re thrilled to be together. Last week, DD13 and niece12 were not in the same cabin, but they were together all the time anyway.

My dad may be going down on Thursday & bringing DD11, niece9 & nephew9 home from camp. If not, my sisters & I will be making the drive once again to get our kiddos this Friday.