We left at 7:00 in the morning yesterday to get to the campground at 9:30, got DD11 all registered & set up in her cabin. I cried. She cried a little. I tried to hold the tears back & not let her see me, but she did. I feel horrible for that. I didn’t want to upset her more. She was nervous about not knowing anyone & about the kids not liking her. Saturday night, she said, “Mom? What if I don’t make any friends the whole time?” My heart ached when she said that. I really hope she meets some nice kids & has a great time.

When I got in the car to leave, with tears rolling down my face, I got all mixed up, drove out the wrong way (dirt road), got stuck in the mud (it’s been raining like crazy here lately), and had to be towed out by 2 guys (college age counselors at the camp) on a John Deere tractor. I think I made their day. They acted like it was great fun to tow out a car in the pouring down rain with that huge tractor – they were hilarious – laughing, joking, seeming to have fun with it. I was glad that they weren’t grouchy about it.

Thankfully, DD11 did not see us being towed. I’m glad she was spared the embarrassment.

I cannot believe she won’t be home for 3 weeks. It seems so weird. I know it will be good for her. I know it will. Why is it so hard? I still cannot think about it without big tears rolling down my face.

Today I downloaded the video podcast from last night’s campfire at diabetes camp. I saw DD11 a lot in the first 20 minutes. She was dancing – to a rock ‘n roll version of The Hokey Pokey- and smiling as she drew her “team name” out of a hat & went to join her team.

I got a few screen prints of it, but cannot figure out how to post them here. I’ve pasted them into a word document.