is tomorrow, April 22.

Many people will be focusing on finding ways to improve the Earth’s environment. Others recognized this holiday on the vernal equinox. Regardless of when you observe this day, preserving and using the earth’s resources wisely will ultimately help all of us the world over.

Sidenote: April 22 is also Oklahoma’s landrun day (1889).

I found several good articles at about Earth Day, from an article on how Earth Day came to be and why there are two dates called Earth Day to an article on how one person can change the world and simple changes we all can implement to make a huge impact on the Earth.

What am I doing to help the Earth (besides blabbing on my blog about it)? I will list a few things…

**I’m cutting down on the use of plastic bags by using reusable cloth bags as much as possible.
**I’m using an electric lawn mower & weed eater to care for my lawn. I’d love to have a push mower (people power/effort only), but the electric mower was given to me, is user friendly, and is not as noisy as the gas mower I had several years ago.
**I’ve cut way down on the use of paper products in my home. I’m using less paper towels, no paper plates or paper napkins, no paper cups.
**I’m more careful about using water and electricity.
**I’ve switched to CFLs instead of traditional light bulbs for about 75% of the lights in my home. As the rest of the bulbs burn out, they will be replaced with CFLs.

A lot of these things I’ve learned from Dori and Val over at More Hip Than Hippie – have I mentioned their weekly podcast lately? Give them a listen. This week’s show on Organic Gardening is really a good one. Their archives are full of great tips on how to become more environmentally friendly in a relatively pain-free way.

What will you do to help the Earth?

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