We met the mentor family tonight for dinner at Steak ‘n Shake. DS10, DD10 & I went & met the mentor mom & 15 yr old daughter who’s had Type I Diabetes since age 12. DD13, Miss Anti-social I’ll Just Stay Home & Read a Book, Thanks opted to stay home. We brought her a milkshake.

They were so nice and easy to talk with. It was not awkward or uncomfortable at all. I am so glad! We were there from 6:00 to 8:30 and have planned to meet at Chili’s on April 20. Also, both of our families are members of the YMCA, so we’re going to meet at the Y on a Saturday afternoon sometime between now & April 20 to either walk, play raquetball or swim.

Mentor’s daughter (from now on known as MD15) & DD10 checked their blood sugar at the table together. MD15 checked hers on her forearm. DD10 had never done hers on her forearm. MD15 puts her pump cannula on her thigh or hip – DD10 has only put them on her tummy so far.

When we got home, DD10 checked her blood sugar on her forearm 3 times & once on her leg (where MD15 had showed her to). Now DD10 wants to take out/reinsert her cannula on her thigh b/c that’s what MD15 does. I asked her to wait since we just inserted a new infusion set tonight before dinner.

Also, MD15 carries her pump in the back pocket of her jeans – which is evidently way more cool than clipping it to her belt – so that’s now DD10’s thing.

DD10 is so cute. It was great for her to sit & visit with a 15 yr old who’s lived with Type I Diabetes for a while – one who’s doing well & is happy. MD15 runs cross country track & plays basketball. They talked non-stop.

Mentor & I had a great visit. I enjoyed it a lot & look forward to visiting with them more.

DS11 was thrilled with his burger/fries/shake & sat with a boy he knows from school who was there. I think he was relieved to not have to sit with all of us girls when he saw that Mentor’s son didn’t come.