Today we had the insulin pump training at 9:00am and at 11:14am, DD10 began pumping. When it went in, she looked up with surprise & said, “It didn’t hurt at all!” Then she looked over at me & said, “I’m hungry, can we go eat now?” before she’d even pushed the buttons to start the insulin. laugh.gif

We were out of there around 12:20pm and went to eat lunch. Mom had gone with us to class, so we went to eat lunch at Camille’s. I’m glad Mom was with us. It helped calm my nerves. I was very apprehensive about today.

When DD10 did her lunch insulin dose (called a bolus), the pump said NO DELIVERY. We checked the tubing, reset it, still NO DELIVERY. Then we called the Diabetes Team Emergency pager – did what they said and still NO DELIVERY. When we got home, she unhooked it and we checked to make sure insulin was going through the tube (it was) and DD10 put in a new cannula (catheter) without flinching a bit. She’s doing great now. She checked her blood sugars a bit ago & it was 102. Her goal range is between 80 & 150.

I’ve got to get her up for 2am blood sugar checks for the next few nights & on Monday, I have to fax in the sheet where she’s to write down all her blood glucose readings.

She had ice cream about 15 minutes ago & did her bolus with a huge grin on her face. She’s so cute. When we were leaving Walgreen’s, she was holding the pump up to her ear & talking like it was a cell phone to her (pretend) assistant Martha, who evidently needs to change her name to Patty in order to get a bigger pay check from DD10. That’s completely random, but shows what good spirits DD10 is in. smile.gif

Anyway, things are looking good for today. I know we have loads to learn over the next few weeks/months, but for now, all is calm.

When we go back on April 18, the educator will show DD10 how to set up a dual wave bolus – which delivers half of the dose of insulin immediately & the other half over a set time period (like 2 hours). This is called the pizza bolus. Since pizza has so much fat, the carbs don’t absorb & effect the blood sugar immediately, so blood sugars are often high for a long time after eating it. With this dual wave bolus, it will help keep her blood sugars in the target range.

Anyway, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. We were more prepared then the other 2 families in the class. The other parents told me that they’d not watched the cd-rom & had not read the books, had only glanced at them. They hadn’t even taken the pump out of the box or anything. We’d had the pump out, had the blood glucose monitor out checking her blood sugar with it, had set the clock on the pump and had done all the practice stuff the cd-rom said to do. I’d made DD10 watch the cd-rom 3 times (as the educator had said to do) and had gone through the workbook with her a couple of times. She was really comfortable with all the set up, the menus on the pump & everything – she was only nervous about inserting it.

I’m amazed when people who have the information in front of them don’t access it. I just don’t understand why they’d not want to find out all they can about something – especially a machine/device that’s going to help their child manage their disease.